Doing a shoot is a collaboration between artists. The joy for me is when the designer gives me a lot of flexibility. This shoot was a perfect example.

I think when people suffer trauma we can’t always see their scars, so in this shoot I wanted to make her scar very noticeable, see her pain, see her scar.  Stockholm syndrome is something I became aware of many years ago due to Patty Hearst. You can not imagine my shock when Finn explained the concept to me and referred to his dress as the „Patty Dress“ based on Patty Hearst.

Here is a 21 year old student Finn Beckmann who is inspired by the kidnapping of Patty Hearst who ultimately got Stockholm syndrome. This happened in 1974. Amazing, how in-depth his research took him. I was truly impressed by his work, and I have to admit, that it has been one of the best highlights for this year.